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If you need AUTOGLASS the centre is “mkaglass”

You can see  the logo “mka” on  many  Bus  or Minibus  Glasses  all over the World. If On an Ambulance in Shanghai or on a Tourist Bus in   Paris. This  is the  result of the   “ Quality _ Price  harmony  in all  Markets of the World.

The “sliding Windows” , “ısolated “ glasses  for vans and minibuses are are  in our export line .

The “heavy conditions” are  the symbolic  daily life of some  Construction Vehicles  and “Cabins”in European Countries. You see on those cabins the same “mka” logo.

Regularly “on time” delivery by the weekly transportation  we have the customer relations on the top level.

Not only  Tempered  glasses  and Windshields of Truck  and Bus   but also  Armoured glasses are  manufactured by mka brand and exported into the international market.

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